On this page you find a small collection of links and sources I find helpful and use regularly.  Among these are a few I almost use daily to get information about public traded companies as well as their stocks.  You will also find letters and memos from famous investors, who share the latest thoughts about financial markets.


Sources of information for investment decisions

In order to invest successfully, it is important to get Mans different Information about companies and also have ways to screen for stocks quick and efficient to find stocks and companies that are worth taking a closer look.


Getting data on almost all public traded companies for the last ten years and a great way to start without having to read the 10-Q and 10-K of a company.

Finviz Stock Screener

Great stock screener – especially for companies located in the United States – and a good way to find undervalued companies based on different valuation metrics.

DRiP Investing Resource Center

Information about dividend aristocrats and dividend contenders and very informative lists about companies paying dividends

U.S. SEC Filings

If you don’t want to use the company’s own “investor relations” page, you can also find the SEC-Filings here.


Annual letters and publications by famous investors

Many different and famous investors write regular letters or at least make some publications online available. The insights about current market conditions are valuable information for every investor.

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters

The annual letters of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger provide a lot of information and are a must-read for every investor.

Howard Marks Memos

About four or five times a year, Howard Marks publishes a memo with thoughts about the stock market and topics that are related to financial markets.

Bridgewater Research Papers

Publications and research from Bridgewater – the company of Ray Dalio – that is focused mostly on macro economics and long-term financial market developments.


Blogs and Podcasts

Meb Faber Research

Meb Faber has a podcasts worth listening to, but is also providing a lot of other valuable information on his homepage.

The Investors Podcast

Podcast about stock investing, macro economics and book reviews.

Orcam – Understanding Money

Great collection of articles and links about investing, money, portfolio construction and macro economy.

Motley Fool Podcasts

Different podcasts about investing – espeically the weekly “Motley Fool Money” discussing the latest news and the “Industry Focus” discussing different sectors of the stock market (tech, healthcare, consumer goods, financials and energy).